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Our Address

KL Office
31-2-2, Jalan Medan Putra 1,
Medan Putra Business Centre,
Bandar Menjalara, Kepong,
52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Hotline : 1700 818 648
Fax : +603-6276 0048

The next dimension of server based computing
  • Thinstuff s.r.o. is a young company specialized in software development and research in the Server Based Computing (SBC) and Desktop Virtualization (VDI) market.
  • Our mission is to offer revolutionary software solutions and extend access to any SBC or VDI backend by Citrix like features and beyond such as TSX Multimedia (Multimedia acceleration), TSX USB (USB redirection), TSX Gateway (RDP over https), TSX Remote Programs (Seamless access to remote applications), TSX Web Access (Web portal for remote application access), etc.
  • This is accomplished by using the de-facto standard Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) enabling access to modern SBC and VDI backends through any existing RDP client.
  • Our current product range is focused on Windows based Terminal Services software solutions for small to enterprise-sized companies (XP/VS Terminal Server).
  • Founded in April 2005 with its headquarters in Bratislava Slovakia Thinstuff is a privately held company with sales offices in Austria and Germany as well as a development team in Austria.
  • Our team is backed by more than 10 years of experience in the Server Based Computing, Client Consolidation and Virtualization market.
  • Among our customers there are companies like REWE (Austria) and other large companies throughout Europe and USA.
Technology and Solutions
Server Based Computing

Server based computing refers to running applications on the server while forwarding the output to the clients. A very popular example of server based computing is thin client computing where all clients are replaced by so-called thin clients. Thin clients are small, mostly disk- and fan-less devices, capable of displaying remote applications running on a server (also called terminal server).

  • According to a survey made by the German Fraunhofer Institute server based computing can reduce your IT expenditure by 50%.
  • This is possible by the nature of server based computing where clients are reduced to small, flexible and cheap thin clients and all applications are run on the server at a centralized and managed location. Operating, maintenance and acquisition costs of your IT can be optimized.
  • Enter the next dimension of reduced administration effort, higher security and big cost savings with Thinstuff server based computing software.
  • Thinstuff develops a range of server based computing software for the small business as well as for the enterprise market which allows you to securely publish windows applications to any network by utilizing the de-facto standard RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)
Thinstuff Products for Your Advantage

Our products cover many parts of server based computing. The following topics are covered by our products in an efficient and cost-saving way:

  • Windows workstations upgraded to terminal servers: XP/VS Terminal Server
Enterprise Technology

We know that enterprises have special requirements for Software in terms of scalability, performance and maintainability. Cost reduction in large enterprises can only be achieved with flexible and powerful software products tailored to their tasks.

Enterprise Support

Our support staff is highly-qualified, trained to answer any questions that may arise and ready to help you in any area of deploying our software.