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KL Office
31-2-2, Jalan Medan Putra 1,
Medan Putra Business Centre,
Bandar Menjalara, Kepong,
52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Hotline : 1700 818 648
Fax : +603-6276 0048

Product Information

With its advanced technology such as Microsoft .Net Framework, Microsoft SQL Server, and internet ready, AutoCount Accounting stands out as one of the best accounting software for today business requirements.

Characterized by its easy-to-learn and integrated features, AutoCount Accounting helps to streamline your business operation. It provides strong and stable database for every type of business and able to perform all types of account transactions, no matter how complicated it is.

Finally, AutoCount Accounting is a powerful tool to manage your business data, to analyze your business performance, to share your business information and to help you make informed business decisions.

Who should use it?
  • Everyone can do accounting.
  • If you have limited accounting knowledge.
  • If you are looking for easy-to-learn accounting software.
  • If you are overloaded by accounting data.
  • If you want to find data at ease.
  • If you are looking for stable database.
  • If you hate to do month-end or year-end closing of accounting data.
  • If you have to do data posting.
Easy to use and learn

Accounting software is tool to help you manage accounting data. Now even without being accounting expert, you can now perform accounting tasks with AutoCount Accounting. Its feature is easy to use and learn.

  • Well Organized Functionality
    AutoCount Accounting is designed systematically and consistently. You can easily access your functions n a well-organized menu system.
  • Customizable AutoCount Desktop-Like Main Screen
    In AutoCount Accounting, you can select icons and organize it. You can decide whether to add or remove icons on your screen.

Customizable Main Screen
  • Easy-to-learn document entry
    AutoCount Accounting provides up to 15 easy-to-learn document entry e.g. Cash Book entry, Sales Order entry, Invoice entry, AR Receive Payment entry etc. All document entries screen are so similar that once you have learned one of it, you can apply it to other document entry.

Easy-to-learn Invoice entry
  • No double Entry
    The design of AutoCount Accounting is especially helpful for users without accounting knowledge of double entry. All document entries except Journal Entry do not require users to have double entry concept. You need not worry how the system debit or credit your accounts. It will automatically post to correct debit or credit account.

Cash Book entry
  • Fully Keyboard Operable
    In AutoCount Accounting, it is possible to operate the whole system using keyboard. Its shortcut key provides an easy way for you to accomplish your tasks in a shorter time.

AutoCount Accounting Shortcut Keys Summary
Save Time, Work Efficiently

In AutoCount Accounting, all modules are designed to work seamlessly to minimize your workload and to reduce human error. With real time posting, data entered will update your reports and inquiry screen instantly.

  • Save Data Faster
    Data entry function in AutoCount Accounting has been optimized to shorten your time in saving data. Now, you will never have to wait for several minutes to save your data in the system.
  • Real time Posting
    AutoCount Accounting integrates accounting, stock and invoicing into single system. Once transaction saved, it will post to GL accounts and update reports instantly. For example, when your sales invoice is saved, it will update your account and stock reports instantly.

Easy Access to Information

Finding data in large database can be time consuming. However, AutoCount powerful and versatile search features helps you find stored data at ease.

  • Account Inquiry
    In AutoCount Accounting, you can access to up-to-date business information in one-screen. In Account Inquiry, you can access to Aging, Contact, Price History and other information of your debtors by click on the information tab. You can drill down to source documents for detailed information.

Inquire account information in Account Inquiry
Inquire customer information in Account Inquiry
Drill down from Account Inquiry
  • Stock Item Inquiry
    By click on information tab, you can inquire stock level, pricing, price history and other stock information at Stock Item Inquiry.

Stock Item Inquiry screen
  • Instant Info
    You can always click on Instant Info bar when creating new transaction document. It provides you information on Stock Balance, Debtor / Creditor Aging, Price History, Stock Item Information and Item Replacement. Hence, you would be better informed before agreeing a new deal.

Instant Info bar
  • Complete Report Function
    AutoCount 2006 offers more than 1000 combinations of analysis reports, financial reports, inventory and stock control reports with different report format available. You can even edit it with build-in Report Designer.
  • Drill Down to Source Document
    AutoCount Accounting drill-down feature allows you to drill down to source documents from reports and chart of accounts. It saves your time in verifying figure displayed in reports and chart of accounts and edit it when necessary.

Drill down from report
Drill down from chart of accounts
  • Finding stock item at ease
    You can find stock item easily and at faster pace when creating new transaction document, e.g. Invoice. Once you enter the first letter of item code / item description, it will instantly highlight the nearest item code / item description.

Finding stock item
  • Advanced Search Function
    AutoCount Accounting has strong search capability to help you find transactions easily. By typing even a single character, you will get search results that match your search criteria. If it is not sufficient, Advanced Search Option will give you more in-dept search option. Here, you can filter your search options, whether filter by range or by multi-select.

Advanced Search function
Speed, Reliability and Scalability

AutoCount Accounting sits on top of Microsoft SQL Server which gives you reliable database. Most of the AutoCount Accounting function has been optimized for fastest speed. Using ADO.NET, AutoCount Accounting provides greater performance and more scalable than traditional client server application.

  • Reliable Database
    AutoCount Accounting is designed to work on award-winning Microsoft SQL Server which is well known for its stability and speedy performance. You will never have to run re-index function which is common in File-based database system. Besides, the transaction control in the Microsoft SQL Server ensured data consistency.
  • Work over Internet
    In AutoCount Accounting, you can access data stored remotely in a computer through internet connection. No matter where you are, you can access to your office server information anywhere, anytime.
  • Work over wireless network
    With the advantages of disconnected data access technology, AutoCount Accounting is among the very few accounting software that can perform reliably in multi user wireless environment. As you know, wireless network is well known for its connection instability. Traditional file-based database or client-server database will be easily non-responding when the connection is down. In AutoCount Accounting, after the connection is connected, you can resume your work without have to end task your system.
  • Backup & Restore
    It is advisable that you backup and restore your data frequently in the case that you may lose your data. AutoCount Accounting provides you strong and reliable backup support. You can backup your data with password protection to ensure data security. In multi-user network environment, you can backup / restore your data without requiring other users to logout from the system.

Backup and restoring files
  • Scheduled Backup
    In AutoCount Accounting, you can schedule backup your data by installing AutoCount Schedule Backup program. You can schedule backup at specific time everyday. Hence you will not lost your data because forget to backup data.
  • Work Data Recover
    AutoCount Accounting auto-save features helps you recover lost data due to improper PC / program shut down. By default, it saves your working document in K.I.V. folder every 30 seconds. Thus, you will never have to redo your work when power failure occurred. Instead, you can continue previous document entry once power restored.

Auto-save Document setting
  • Scalable Network User
    Using ADO.NET, AutoCount Accounting provides greater performance and scalability of multi-users concurrently access than traditional client server technology. In AutoCount Accounting, you can easily allow more than 30 users access the system concurrently.

Better Security and Authority

AutoCount Accounting multi-level access right control feature helps to regulate user accessibility to each system function. Different users will be given different access right which provides higher level of security and authority control in the multi-user network environment.

  • Multi-level Access Right Control
    AutoCount Accounting provides higher level of security setting in multi-user environment. Each user is assigned a user ID and password with certain access right. The access right control gives detailed accessibility to each functions and modules.

Multi-level access right control
  • Audit Trail
    Audit Trail is to record and report on any changes made to transactions. Here, you can monitor each user's activity in the system, including who made changes and when and where.

Better Business Control

AutoCount Accounting gives you greater control over your business. It supplies you necessary information to evaluate your business progress, whether it is earning money or losing money.

  • Bank Book Manager and Overdue Invoice
    In a single page, you can monitor financial status in AutoCount Accounting. Here, you can check balance available in your bank accounts, overdue AR invoice, overdue AP invoice and Reorder Advice.

Bank Book Manager and Overdue Invoice overview
  • Advanced Credit Control
    In AutoCount Accounting, dialog box will pop up once transaction had exceeded its credit limits or credit terms overdue limit. Based on credit control setting, it indicates how transaction will continue (disabled credit control, suspended account or approved transaction with password required).

Advanced Credit Control
Pop up dialog box when credit exceeded limits
Better Business Solution

AutoCount Accounting provides better business solution to help you manage business data at ease. It saves your time and ensures smooth business flow of your business.

  • AR / AP Contra
    It is easy to perform contra transaction in AutoCount Accounting. Once debtor and creditor had selected, you only need to tick on the knock off column to complete transaction.

Performing AR / AP Contra
  • Document Transfer
    In AutoCount Accounting, you do not have to enter data repeatedly. It supports full and partial document transfer. You can generate new invoice or cash sale from existing delivery order, sales order or quotation. By selecting partial transfer option, you can edit transferred document.

Document Transfer from Delivery Order to Invoice
  • Handle Returned Cheque
    It only takes few steps to handle returned cheque in AutoCount Accounting. You only need to select payment from AR Receive Payment, highlight it and tick on RCHQ column to complete transaction.

Handle Returned Cheque
  • Handle Full and Partial Payment
    AutoCount Accounting provides an easy way to record customer payment. Once debtor had selected, it will show list of past business transactions. You can knock off bill and enter payment, whether it is full or partial payment.

Handle Full and Partial Payment
  • Default Chart of Account
    In Account Maintenance, AutoCount Accounting has default chart of account with drill down features. Here, you can create, edit or delete accounts. For the convenience of our users, we have provided list of special accounts to be created, e.g. Fixed Asset account, Bank, Cash, Deposit account etc.

Default Chart of Account
  • Project / Departmental Accounting
    AutoCount Accounting Project / Departmental Accounting are suitable for companies with different projects / departments. You can print out Profit & Loss Statement and other financial reports for different projects / departments.

Project / Departmental Account Maintenance
  • Goods and Service Tax (GST)
    AutoCount Accounting is GST-compliant system. You can record GST for supply and purchase of goods and services. It can produce summary and detailed GST Transaction Listing report which is ready to submit to government.

GST setting in AutoCount Accounting
  • Multi-Currency
    In AutoCount Accounting, you can create foreign currency debtor accounts, foreign currency creditor accounts and foreign currency bank accounts. Once invoice payment knock-off, the system will automatic calculate the realized gain/loss and post it to G/L. Its build-in Foreign Currency Revaluation function helps you revalue outstanding invoices.

Currency Maintenance

AutoCount Accounting is flexible and adjustable to meet your business requirements. To match the way your organization works, AutoCount Accounting customization features allow you to customize main screen layout, grid layout and reports at ease.

  • No Year / Month End Closing
    In AutoCount Accounting, you can keep multi-years of data in a single account book. Given the access right, you can view, edit or delete transactions months / years before without refer to month / year end closing.
  • Built-in Report Designer
    AutoCount Accounting Report Designer allows you to customize your reports easily. You can now customize your invoice, debtor statement, overdue letter, official receipt, payment voucher and other documents to meet your needs and requirements.

Built-in Report Designer
  • Customizable Grid Layout
    AutoCount Accounting grid layout shared similar grid design as Microsoft Excel. You can arrange your data in ascending or descending order and filter it per column. Drop and Drag function enables you to categorized your data. In addition, you can add or remove column in Column Chooser and save it as your preferred grid layout. Moreover, you can assign different users to different grid layouts.

Customizable Grid Layout
  • Customizable Main Screen
    Suit to your work preference, you can customize AutoCount Accounting main screen by organizing most frequent use functions and reports in My Favorite page. Hence, you can access it at single page.

My Favorite Page
  • Unlimited numbering setting for all documents
    In AutoCount Accounting, you can create different set of document reference number, whether it is by month, by year, or according to department / project. In addition, you can have each month with different running set number.

Document Numbering Setting
Sharing Across Application

In AutoCount Accounting, you can share business data across other application, whether it is import from other application or export to other application. With just a click away, you can email reports instantly.

  • Import from Microsoft Excel
    With default excel templates, you can import files maintained in Microsoft Excel, Open Office Calc or any spreadsheet application to AutoCount Accounting. In addition, you also import your data in Microsoft Excel to Journal Entry.
  • Export Grid Content
    In AutoCount Accounting, you can export your listing to Excel, Text, HTML and XML format.

Export Grid content to other application
Grid content exported to Excel format
  • Export Report
    With report export features, you can view your reports in PDF, Text, CST, MHT, Excel, Rich Text, Graphic format.

Export report to other application
Report exported to PDF format
  • Email Report
    With just a mouse click, you can email your reports. In addition, you can email the Debtor Statement to each of your debtor with a single mouse click.
Easy to learn and use
  • With basic accounting knowledge, you can manage your company data with AutoCount Accounting. You will appreciate its familiar, easy-to-navigate Windows interface. Most of the features and functions in AutoCount Accounting are keyboard operable.
Saves your time and improve work efficiency
  • In AutoCount Accounting, each module is integrated and operated seamlessly under one system. Its on-line system auto posting feature can minimize your workload and reduce human error.
Strong and stable database
  • Supported by Microsoft SQL Server, AutoCount Accounting gives you greater stability with high performance. Most of the functions have been optimized for the fastest speed. You can create unlimited entry and never have to redo your work in the case of power break down or improper PC shut down.
Better Security and Authority
  • AutoCount Accounting provides you higher level of security and authority control in the multi-user environment. It protects your company data from accessed by unauthorized individuals.
? Sustainable solution for your growing business
  • AutoCount Accounting is ready for your changing requirement as your business grows. You can upgrade from existing package by adding additional optional modules which meet your needs and requirements.
Fast and accurate information
  • With AutoCount Accounting, you can access to up-to-date information instantly. You can drill down from reports to source documents to trace back past transactions and verify figures shown in the reports. With internet access, you can connect to branches and warehouses for information sharing.
Good source of reference in decision making
  • AutoCount Accounting supplied you key information needed for business decision making. You can analyze and evaluate your business performance with powerful analytical tools, Multi-Dimensional Analysis tool.
No Year End or Month End Closing
  • In AutoCount Accounting, you can enter your accounting data without bounded by accounting period. You can edit data without having referred back to month end or year end closing. System will automatically update changes and reflect it in the report.
Customizable and Flexible
  • AutoCount Accounting had provided default format of official receipt, payment voucher, overdue letters and other financial reports. However, you can customize it with build-in Report Designer features to meet your needs and requirements.
Share data across business application
  • You can export your report in Microsoft Excel, Word, PDF, HTML and graphical format. All reports can be emailed with just a click away. In addition to that, you can import data in Journal Entry to Microsoft Excel for further analysis and editing.
Minimum System Requirements
  • AutoCount Accounting also offering minimum system requirement for both Standalone and Client / Server Installation for the usage of our worldwide users.
General Ledger
  • Account Maintenance
  • Print Chart of Accounts
  • Cash Book Entry
  • Journal Entry
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Print Journal of Transactions
  • Opening Balance Maintenance
  • Print Balance B/F
  • Journal Maintenance
  • Account Inquiry
  • Print Official Receipt & Payment Voucher
  • Print Cash Transaction Listing
  • Print Journal Voucher
  • Print Bank Reconciliation Report
  • Print Ledger
  • Print Trial Balance
  • Print Profit & Loss Statement
  • Print Balance Sheet
  • Print Cash Flow Statement
  • Print Depreciation and Net Book Value
  • Print Gain/Loss on Disposal of Assets
  • Print Receipt and Payment Report

Account Receivable
  • Debtor Maintenance
  • Invoice Entry
  • Receive Payment
  • Credit Note Entry
  • Debit Note Entry
  • Refund Entry
  • A/R & A/P Contra
  • Deposit Entry
  • Print Outstanding Invoice
  • Print Outstanding Deposit
  • Print Debtor Aging
  • Print Debtor Balance
  • Print Statement
  • Print Collection Report
  • Print Monthly Sales & Collection Analysis
  • Print A/R Analysis by Document
  • Print Overdue Letter
  • Print Debtor Label and Listing
  • Print A/R Invoice Listing
  • Print A/R Payment Listing
  • Print A/R Receipt Voucher
  • Print A/R Debit Note Listing
  • Print A/R Debit Note
  • Print A/R Credit Note Listing
  • Print A/R Credit Note
  • Print A/R Refund Listing
  • Print Payment Voucher (for refund)
  • Print A/R and A/P Contra Listing
  • Print A/R and A/P Contra Note
  • Print A/R Deposit Listing
  • Print A/R Deposit Receipt
  • Print Outstanding A/R Deposit Listing
  • Print Debtor Collection Report
  • Print Monthly Sales and Collection Analysis Report

Account Payable
  • Creditor Maintenance
  • A/P Invoice Entry
  • A/P Payment
  • A/P Debit Note
  • A/P Credit Note
  • A/P Refund
  • A/P Deposit Entry
  • Print Creditor Balance
  • Print Creditor Statement
  • Print Creditor Aging
  • Print Monthly Purchase Analysis
  • Print Outstanding A/P Invoice
  • Print Outstanding A/P Deposit
  • Print A/P Analysis by Document
  • Print Creditor Label and Listing
  • Print A/P Invoice Listing
  • Print A/P Payment Listing
  • Print Payment Voucher
  • Print A/P Debit Note Listing
  • Print A/P Credit Note Listing
  • Print A/P Refund Listing
  • Print A/P Deposit Listing
  • Print A/P Deposit Payment Voucher
  • Print Outstanding A/P Deposit Listing
  • Print Outstanding A/P Invoice Listing
  • Print Creditor Aging Report
  • Print Creditor Balance Report
  • Print Creditor Statement Report
  • Print Monthly Purchase and Payment Analysis Report
  • Print A/P Analysis By Document Report

  • item Maintenance
  • Group Maintenance
  • Stock Type Maintenance
  • Stock Location Maintenance
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Stock Issue*
  • Stock Receive*
  • Stock Write Off*
  • Stock UOM Conversion*
  • Stock Update Cost - Supports 5 costing method for each stock item (Fixed Cost, Weighted Average, FIFO, LIFO, and Most Recent Costing)
  • Print Stock Card Report
  • Print Stock Balance
  • Print Stock Movement
  • Print Item Profit Margin
  • Print Reorder Advice Report
  • Print Inventory Physical Worksheet Report
  • Print Stock Item Listing
  • Print Stock Group Listing
  • Print Stock Type Listing
  • Print Stock Adjustment Listing
  • Print Stock Issue Listing*
  • Print Stock Receive Listing*
  • Print Stock Write Off Listing

  • Quotation
  • Sales Order
  • Delivery Order
  • Invoice
  • Cash Sale
  • Credit Note
  • Debit Note
  • Delivery Return
  • Cancel Sales Order
  • Print Profit & Loss of Document Report
  • Print Quotation Listing
  • Print Outstanding Quotation Listing
  • Print Sales Order Listing
  • Print Outstanding Sales Order Listing
  • Print Delivery Order Listing
  • Print Outstanding Delivery Order Listing
  • Print Invoice Listing
  • Print Cash Sales Listing
  • Print Credit Note Listing
  • Print Credit Note Listing
  • Print Cancel Sales Order Listing
  • Print Delivery Return Listing
  • Print Monthly Sales Analysis Report
  • Print Customer Price History Report
  • Print Credit Note Analysis Report
  • Print Debit Note Analysis Report

  • Request for Quotation
  • Issue Purchase Order
  • Goods Received Note Entry
  • Issue Purchase Invoice
  • Issue Cash Purchase
  • Goods Return
  • Purchase Return
  • Cancel Purchase Order
  • Print Request Quotation Listing
  • Print Outstanding Request Quotation Listing
  • Print Purchase Order Listing
  • Print Outstanding Purchase Order Listing
  • Print Goods Received Note Listing
  • Print Outstanding Goods Received Note Listing
  • Print Purchase Invoice Listing
  • Print Cash Purchase Listing
  • Print Purchase Return Listing
  • Print Cancel Purchase Order Listing
  • Print Goods Return Listing
  • Print Monthly Purchase Analysis Report
  • Print Supplier Price History Report

  • Bank Book Manager
  • BOM Inquiry*
  • Stock Item Inquiry*
Other Features
  • User Define Field*
  • Serial Number Tracking*
  • Back & Expiry Date tracking*
  • Point Systems*
  • Project and Department accounting*
  • Each month and year is assign with a different set of running number
  • GST Compliance*
Multi Location
  • Stock Location Maintenance*
  • Stock Transfer*
  • Print Stock Location Listing*
  • Print Stock Transfer Listing*
Multi UOM
  • Stock UOM Conversion*
  • Print Stock Card by Multi-UOM Report*
  • Print Stock Movement by Multi-UOM Report*
  • Print Stock Item Profit Margin by Multi-UOM Report*
  • Print Inventory Physical Worksheet by Multi-UOM
Bill of Material (BOM)
  • BOM Maintenance (Inside Item Maintenance)*
  • Stock Assembly
  • Print Bill of Material Listing Report*
  • Print BOM Material Usage Report*
  • Print Check BOM Material Report*
  • Consignment*
  • Supplier Consignment*
  • Print Consignment*
  • Print Supplier Consignment*
  • Print Supplier Consignment*
  • Print Consignment Listing*
  • Print Outstanding Consignment Listing*
  • Print Supplier Consignment Listing*
  • Print Outstanding Supplier Consignment Listing*

Batch No
  • Print Stock Card by Batch No Report*
  • Print Stock Movement by Batch No Report*
  • Print Batch Tracking Report*
  • Sales and Purchase Document supports FOC Quantity*
  • Automatic calculate FOC Quantity by Price Category*
  • FOC Quantity controlled by Batch No.*
Bonus Point
  • Automatic calculate Bonus Point*
  • Bonus Point Redemption*
Advanced Financial Report
  • Advanced Profit and Loss Statement
  • Years Comparison
  • Quarters Comparison
  • This Year vs. Quarters Comparison
  • This Month vs This Month Budget
  • This Year vs This Year Budget
  • This Month vs Month Budget and This Year vs Last Year Budget Months Budget Comparison
  • This Year Budget vs Month Budget Comparison
  • Advanced Balance Sheet Statement*
  • Years Comparison
  • Quarters Comparison
  • This Year vs Quarters Comparison

Report Designer
  • Debtor Statement
  • Official Receipt
  • Payment Voucher
  • Overdue Letter
  • Item Listing
  • Delivery Order
  • Invoice
  • Cash Sales
  • Credit Note
  • Debit Note
  • Quotation
  • Sales Order
  • Consignment
  • Debtor / Creditors Label
  • Debtor / Creditors Listing
  • Ledger ReportĄ­. & etc.

Other Facilities
  • Open / Create / Delete Account Book
  • Login / Logout
  • Company Profile Maintenance
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Backup & Restore
  • User Maintenance / Access Right Maintenance
  • Year End Closing
  • Foreign Currency Maintenance*
  • Agent Maintenance & Terms Maintenance
  • Area Code Maintenance
  • Payment Method Maintenance
  • Price Category*
  • Audit Trail

Optional Modules

Optional modules are available in AutoCount Accounting to tailor the needs and requiremen of specific users.

Project Accounting module
  • AutoCount Accounting Project Accounting module is suitable for construction companies. You can print out the Profit & Loss Statement and other financial reports for different projects.
Departmental Accounting module
  • AutoCount Accounting Departmental Accounting module is suitable for company with different departments. You can print out Profit & Loss Statement and other financial reports for different departments.
Multi-currency module
  • AutoCount Accounting Multi-Currency module is suitable for companies whose transaction involved more than one currency.
  • You can create documents in different foreign currency and convert back to domestic currency with certain exchange rate.
  • In addition to that, the system can calculate gain / loss on foreign currency exchange.
FOC Quantity module
  • AutoCount Accounting module is suitable for trading companies with certain promotional packages (e.g. Buy 2 Free 1).
  • It calculates Free of Charge quantity automatically.
Landing Cost module
  • AutoCount Accounting Landing Cost module is suitable for companies which involved in oversea trading.
  • It is to calculate landing cost, e.g. freight and transport charges and custom duty into product cost.
Bill of Material module
  • AutoCount Accounting Bill of Material module is suitable for manufacturing companies.
  • It registers raw materials required to assemble stock items.
Bonus Point module
  • AutoCount Accounting Bonus Point module is for bonus recording and redemption.
  • It is suitable for companies whose customers accumulate bonus point as part of the membership benefit.
Filter by Salesman module
  • AutoCount Accounting Filter by Salesman module is to regulate sales agents and purchase agents access to company financial data.
Remote Credit Control module
  • AutoCount Accounting Remote Credit Control module is suitable for companies with different branches.
  • It allows managers to remotely approve over-credit limit sales document.
Multi-Location module
  • AutoCount Accounting Multi-Location module is suitable for companies with different branches.
  • It supports multiple warehouse stock control and stock item mobilization.
Multi-UOM module
  • AutoCount Accounting Multi-UOM module enables trading companies to registered your stock in different unit of measurement, whether it is 1 piece of Item A, 1 dozen of item A (equal to 12 piece of Item A) or 1 box of item A (equal to 60 piece of Item or 5 dozen of Item A).
Consignment module
  • AutoCount Accounting Consignment module is suitable for trading companies which act as supplier for other trading companies.
  • Here, companies can regulate your consignment goods.
Standalone Installation
Component Minimum System Requirements
(For Standalone Installation)
Operating System Windows 2000 Professional
Windows XP (Recommended)
Windows Vista (Recommended)
Database Workstation component of Microsoft SQL Server (MDAC 2.6 or above), SQL Express (Free)
Framework Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0
Processor Minimum 1.0 GHz Pentium (Recommended Pentium 4)
Memory 512 MB (Recommended 1 GB)
Monitor SVGA with 65536 or more colors minimum 800x600 resolution Recommended 1024x768 resolutions with 24-bit colors
CD ROM Drive Required
USB Drive or CD Writer Required for backup
Other Microsoft Excel XP/2003, Open Office 2.0 (Optional)
Free Disk Space 1 GB
Printer A Windows compatible printer
Pointing Device A mouse, supported by Windows
Network Installation
Component Minimum System Requirements
(For Client/Server Installation)
Client Workstation Server
Operating System Windows 2000 Professional Windows 2000 Professional
Windows XP (Recommended) Windows XP (Running SQL Express)
Windows Vista (Recommended) Windows 2000 Server
Windows 2000 Advanced Server
Windows 2003 Server (Running SQL Server 2005 or SQL Express)
Database Workstation component of Microsoft SQL Server (MDAC 2.6 or above) Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or SQL Express (Free)
Framework Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 -
Processor Minimum 1.0 GHz Pentium (Recommended Pentium 4) Pentium 3 1.0 Ghz or above (Recommended Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz)
Memory 512 MB (Recommended 1 GB) For a 5-user system: 1 GB (Recommended 2GB)(More memory will run faster)
Monitor SVGA with 65536 or more colors minimum 800x600 resolution (Recommended 1024x768 resolutions with 24-bit colors) SVGA with 256 or more colors minimum 800x600 resolution
CD ROM Drive Required for Installation
USB Drive or CD Writer Required for Backup
Local Area Network Minimum 10 Mbps (Recommended 100 Mbps)
Internet Minimum 256 Kbps (Recommended 1 Mbps)
Other Microsoft Excel XP / 2003, Open Office 2.0 (Optional) -
Free Disk Space 300 MB 1 GB
Printer A Windows compatible printer -
Pointing Device A mouse, supported by Windows -