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Top 10 reasons why you should buy AutoCount Payroll Version 2.0
  • PCB 2009 compliant and certified by LHDNM.
  • Extremely easy to use. Within 1 hour, you can start doing your company payroll with the help of Setup Payroll Wizard.
  • Display historical payroll records in both tabular and chart.
  • Built-in report designer to design pay slip and etc.
  • Electronic file submission for EPF, SOCSO, Income Tax as well as employee's salary via file.
  • Calendar based leave application.
  • No month end and year end closing needed.
  • Running on top of Firebird database, a robust client/server database suitable for the payroll application.
  • No re-index required.
  • Support data exporting to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.
Comprehensive Guide
  • AutoCount Payroll with its build-in labor law guide and integrated government reports provides good reference in entering payroll data.
  • It is especially helpful for users with limited payroll knowledge to ensure that the payroll policy is in line with government rules and regulations as stipulated in labor law.
Reference and Task Reminder
  • In entering payroll, data, you can always refer to instruction which is on top of the screen for your reference. Also tasks reminder screen is to remind you payroll tasks to be completed.
  • For instance, the system reminds you to submit your EPF form Borang A before 15 of every month. It served as good reminder for users who may sometimes forget it.
User friendly for new users
  • With its clearly instructed payroll setup wizard, AutoCount Payroll saves your time in setting up company profile and company payroll policy.
  • You only need to follow the instruction as the default setting is fully compliance with Malaysian Labour Law.
No year end or month end closing
  • In AutoCount Payroll, You are not required to do year-end or month-end closing over payroll data.
  • They can create and edit payroll data unbounded by payroll period.
Calendar based leave selection
  • In AutoCount Payroll, you can select leave date and other data related entry with calendar instead of typing data one by one.
  • It provides more clarity and reduces time in data entry.
  • AutoCount Payroll had provided default format of pay slips and payroll reports.
  • However, you can customize your pay slips and payroll reports with its built-in report builder feature.
Analytical Report
  • AutoCount Payroll yearly payroll report and payroll history report provides you comprehensive and analytical information to help you manage company data.
Company & Employee Profile
  • Department Maintenance
  • Bank Maintenance
  • Allowance Maintenance
  • Deduction Maintenance
  • Employee Maintenance
  • Country Maintenance
  • User Maintenance
  • Other Maintenance
  • Year to Date entry
Payroll Process
  • Create New Payroll Transaction
  • Allowance
  • Overtime
  • Commission
  • Bonus
  • Payment of Arrears
  • Deduction
  • Advance
  • Benefit in Kind
  • Basic Salary
  • EPF / SOCSO / Tax Calculator
  • Process Bonus
Payroll Reports
  • Print Pay slip
  • Print Payroll Summary
  • Print EPF Borang A
  • Print SOCSO Borang A
  • Print Income Tax CP
  • Other Payroll Reports
  • Print Income Tax CEA
  • Print Income Tax CCPD
  • Print Income Tax CCP
  • New Node
Electronic Payroll Transfer
  • Create Electronic Credit Payment Diskette
  • EPF Borang A Diskette
  • SOCSO Borang A Diskette
  • Income Tax CP Diskette
Leave Process
  • Maintenance
  • Create Leave Entitlement
  • Open Leave Entitlement
  • Maintain Leave Type
  • Maintain Leave Group
  • Leave Application
  • Leave Inquiry
Tools & Utility
  • Backup & Restore
  • Backup
  • Restore
  • Purge Payroll Transaction cf
  • Period Locking
  • Payroll History Enquiry
  • Purge Leave Transaction
  • Options
Report Builder
  • Standard Component Palette
  • Data Component Palette
  • Advance Component Palette
  • Edit Toolbar
  • Align or Space Toolbar
  • Size Toolbar
  • Nudge Toolbar
  • Creating, Delete & Add Payroll Database
  • Create New Payroll Database
  • Delete Payroll Database
  • Add Payroll Database
Other Maintenance
  • Income Tax Table Maintenance
  • EPF Table Maintenance
  • SOCSO Table Maintenance
  • PCB Receipts
  • User Defined Field
Software Components Minimum System Requirements
Operating System Windows 95 / 98 / NT 4 / ME
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Processor Pentium based processor (Recommended P166 and above)
Memory 32MB of RAM or more (Recommended 64 MB RAM)
Free Disk Space 50 MB of disk space
Printer Microsoft Windows compatible printer
Networking 100 Base-T NIC
PCB 2009 Compliant and Certified by LHDNM

With the objective to estimate tax deduction more accurately?LHDNM has launched PCB 2009 calculation to replace PCB 2004 schedule. In new PCB 2009 calculation, employee who earn monthly remuneration below RM10,000 need to contribute an additional 20% of tax if compare to previous PCB schedule.

To avoid over deduction of PCB, LHDNM allows employee more tax relief along with the new tax exempted rules on certain allowances when contribute monthly PCB.

Support PCB 2009 Allowable Deductions (Tax Relief)

You can enter personnel tax relief at Optional Deductions tab when create monthly payroll transactions to reduce PCB contribution and ensure an accurate amount was deducted. The system will record cumulative figure of tax relief within a calendar year to avoid over claims.

Support PCB 2009 Tax Exemption Allowances

You can apply tax exemption rules for certain allowance. This will help to reduce PCB contribution and ensure an accurate amount was deducted. System will record cumulative tax exempted allowance within a calendar year as some of these allowances has minimum amount exempted. Total figure of tax exempted allowance will show at EA form (Part G) and Income Tax CP8D form (Part F).

List of tax exempt allowances / perquisites / gifts / benefits

No Subject Restricted Amount (RM)
1 Petrol card, petrol allowance or travel allowance between the home and work place (up to year of assessment 2010 only) 2400
2 Petrol card, petrol allowance or travel allowance and toll card for official duties. 6000
3 Allowance or fees for parking. -
4 Meal allowance. -
5 Allowance or subsidies for childcare in respect of children. 2400
6 Medical benefits (include maternity expenses and traditional medicines such as ayurvedic and acupuncture) or dental benefit. -
7 Employers own goods provided free of charge or at discounted value. 1000
8 Employers own services provided free or at a discount for the benefit of the employee, spouse or unmarried child.  
9 Telephone, mobile phone, pager and Personal Data Assistant (PDA). -
10 Bills for telephone, mobile phone, pager and PDA registered in the name of the employee or employer. -
11 Gift of new personal computer (up to year of assessment 2010 only). -
12 Monthly broadband subscription fee registered in the name of the employer (up to year of assessment 2010 only). -
13 Perquisite (whether in money or otherwise) provided to the employee pursuant to his employment in respect of:
  • past achievement award;
  • service excellence award, innovation award or productivity award; or
  • long service award provided that the employee has exercised an employment for more than 10 years with the same employer.
14 Leave passage for travel (confined only to the cost of fares for the employee and members of his immediate family):
  • within Malaysia not exceeding 3 times in any calendar year; or
  • outside Malaysia not exceeding one passage in any calendar year, is limited to a maximum of RM3,000
3 times 3000
15 Insurance premiums which are obligatory for foreign workers as a replacement to SOCSO contributions. -
16 Group insurance premium to cover workers in the event of an accident. -
17 Interest subsidies for loans up to RM300,000 in respect of housing, motor vehicle and education loans. Exemption is given on existing loans and new loans. Interest exempted from tax is computed using the following formula:
A x B / C
  • A = the difference between the amount of interest to be borne by the employee and the amount of interest payable by the employee in a basis period for a year of assessment;
  • B = the aggregate of balance of principal amount of housing, education or car loan taken by the employee in a basis period for a year of assessment or RM300,000 whichever is lower;
  • C = the total aggregate of principal amount of housing, education or car loan taken by the employee.
Support Disabled Employee and Disabled Spouse

You can maintain in Employee Maintenance if your employee is a disabled person as this employee is entitle to RM6,000 tax relief.

You also can maintain in Employee Maintenance under Family Information page, if your employee's spouse is a disabled person for an additional RM3,500 tax relief if his/her spouse is not working.

Support 100% and 50% of Child Relief

Number of deductible child can be entered to enjoy child tax relief. System allows 0.5 to be maintained in No. of Tax Deductible Child if the employee claims 50% of child tax relief.

Allow entry of previous employment remunerations details

PCB 2009 formula requires previous employed monthly remunerations within a calendar year to calculate an accurate current month PCB. This information is maintained under Previous Employment Entry.

View Details of PCB 2009 Calculation

System provides PCB 2009 calculation detail for checking purpose and to show how system computes the PCB results.