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31-2-2, Jalan Medan Putra 1,
Medan Putra Business Centre,
Bandar Menjalara, Kepong,
52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Hotline : 1700 818 648
Fax : +603-6276 0048

ERP Reimagined with Business Intelligence

Focus I is a revolutionary product that combines business intelligence (BI) tools with traditional ERP implementations enabling users to run statistical models, analyze data, extract, and generate business intelligence reports on the go.

Top Benefits of Focus I are :

  • Built in Business Intelligence Tools for Business Growth Analysis
  • Combine multiple reports from different Modules
  • Get quick view of your business even on the move on Executive Dashboard
  • Improve responsiveness to activities that impact your business
  • Reporting capabilities eliminate the need for a separate reporting tool
  • Accessibility of dashboard on mobile device
  • Integrated Business Intelligence
  • Alerts - customized as per user*s requirements
  • Dashboard interface for each user
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) definition
  • Available on MS-SQL/Oracle database
  • n Tier Architecture allows online remote access
  • The Focus on web (FOW) client interface works on Unix/Linux platform.
  • Mobile dashboard on ios/Android and Blackberry
  • Active X Application Programming Interface (API) allows external integration
  • The technical manual provided with Focus I has complete data dictionary.
  • Integrates with mail exchange for sending mails to customer / vendors / employees
  • N-tier architecture supports Load balancing
In Financial Management
Budgeting & Planning
  • Auto Budgeting
  • Budgeted Profit
  • Budget Plans for future
  • Multiple Variations of Budgets
  • Budgets by Departments
  • Multi Year Budgeting
  • Budget Amendments and Version Control for Budget planning, Monthly and Annual Variances
Accounts Receivables
  • Statement of Account
  • Summary and Detail Aging
  • Post Dated Cheque Management
  • Receivable in multiple currencies
  • Department wise balances of Receivables
  • Overdue Analysis with multiple Factors
  • Carry forwarding Bill wise date to next financial year
  • Delinquency Management
  • Credit Control.
Accounts Payables
  • Statement of Account
  • Summary and Detail Aging
  • Post Dated Payments
  • Payable plan based on due-date Linked to Cash-flow calendar.
Cash & Bank
  • Maintain banks by currency
  • Cash-flow calendar
  • Daily/Monthly Cash book
  • Alerts on cash going negative
General Ledger
  • Ledger, Sub-ledger
  • Transaction history
  • Journal Day-book
  • Recurrent and Reversal Journals
  • Trial Balance
  • Income Statement and Balance Sheet
  • Maintains 8 level of Chart of Accounts.
Management Information System
  • Transaction Analysis
  • Department / Cost Center Analysis
  • Interest Calculation
  • Forex Gain / Loss Management
  • Operations and Financial Ratio Analysis.
In Inventory & Warehouse Management
Inventory Control
  • Comprehensive set of inventory controls that provider stock movements
  • Stock valuation on FIFO / Weighted Average / Std Cost
  • Stock Aging and Reorder management
  • Multi-level groping and sub grouping of inventory
  • Setting Inventory, Purchase and Sales Account at company / Group/Item level for extensive Inventory Analysis.
  • Inventory handling through Attributes
Warehouse Management
  • Define Warehouse / Bin structure
  • Multiple Bin types and capacities
  • Reconciliation and Stock verification with the help of external devices
  • Warehouse wise and consolidated stock reports
  • Integration of hand held palm devices to ease the dispatch process.
RMA Management
  • Generate Auto RMA serial Numbers
  • Import Serial Numbers
  • Generate Serial numbers for alternate units
Batch Management
  • Numeric / Alpha numeric Batches
  • Auto generate batch numbers
  • Maintain Manufacturing/Expiry dates for batches.
In Payroll & HR Management
  • Attendance & Payroll Loans & Advances
  • Calculations of End of Service Benefits according to country local laws
  • Integrate with Attendance Swipe Cards, User defined Pay slips
  • Customized Alerts and System generated Bank Transfer letter
  • Daily / Hourly Attendance Entry
  • Attendance by Site/Job
  • Leave Information Calculation of payroll from daily attendance
  • Salary Slip and Bank Advice Reports, Loans, Loss of pay deductions Posting of Payroll Entries to GL, Total Integration with Financial System.
Human Resource
  • Recruitment, Employee and Vacation management
  • Requisition Request, Multiple CV definitions, Screening and Filtering of CVs, Short 每 Listed candidate Interview, marking Appointment letters, Joining Process
  • User-Definable Employee Master, Joining, Appraisal Dates
  • Passport and Visa information, Vacation and Flight Sector Information
  • Shift Information, Earnings, Deductions and Leaves Information
  • Calculation of Number of days available for vacation, Previous Vacation details, Vacation Salary & Encashment, Leave Applications and Leave Approvals.
  • User login for every employee
  • Check and manage leaves, Apply leaves request online, Monitor status and result of the request
  • Apply Loans request online, Monitor status and result of the request
  • View Pay slips, Online Salary ledger.
In Fixed Asset Management
Asset Tracking, Asset Uses & Asset Transfers
  • Multi-Level Asset Tree
  • User Defined Asset Categories
  • Book Value, Depreciation, Value of Accumulated Depreciation
  • Sales and Gain or Value tracking. Tracking Asset Photos
  • Original Purchase, Insurance and sales Values. Asset Location Tracking, Transfer History.
Asset Maintenance & Repairs
  • Maintenance and Repair History
  • Capitalization of Major Repairs
  • Scheduled and Break down maintenance
  • Scheduled Maintenance Alerts and Reports, Integration with parts inventory.
Revaluation of Asset, Disposals & Sales
  • User defined revaluation of Asset and integration with financial system
  • Auto booking of gain and loss on sale of Asset
Asset Depreciation
  • User Defined Depreciation Commencement Date
  • User defined depreciation method
  • Depreciation Schedules
  • Allocating depreciation to a location based on asset stay
  • Monthly auto posting of depreciation.
Depreciation Schedules & Reports
  • Fixed Asset schedules
  • MIS reports on Asset usages
  • Asset transfers and Category wise
  • Asset wise Maintenance and Repair Cost Report.
In Production & Planning
Production Planning
  • Planning based on Orders / Forecase
  • Planning independent Orders
  • Schedule the Production planned based on available Calendars / Capacities / Work Centers / Routes Graphical interface for view work centers and the schedules, Process and discrete manufacturing
  • Process and discrete manufacturing
  • Generation of Production Orders
  • Define Calendars
  • Define Capacities
  • Define Work Centers
  • Define Bill of materials Define Routes Issue to production
  • Total integration with Financial and Inventory and Distribution Modules
  • Production Status and WIP Tracking, Reporting Material replenishment and product wise WIP
  • Consumption Analysis, Standard Cost vs. Actual Consumption analysis
  • Production batches and batch wise rejection analysis, Man, Machine and Material Analysis reports
  • Capacity Utilization vs. Productions Target Analysis.
Quality Control
  • Process Check
  • User defined Q.C parameters
  • Rejection management
  • Managing Material Returns from shop floor.
In Material Planning
Purchase Plan
  • Purchase plan based on historical is based on Sales Order/Forecast
  • Requirement Analyses based on Bill of Material
  • Supplier Analyses based on Credit Limit, Lead time and Best Rate
  • Purchase Requisition/Order Generation from Purchase Planning.
In Job / Project Costing
  • Estimation, Completed Job / Project List, Incomplete Job / Project List, Project Status Report, Project wise profit, Project wise expense, Job/Project costing, Standard Costing vs. Project costing
  • Materials shortfall report
  • Phase wise / Site-wise project & consumption statistics
  • Project Variance, Materials management
  • Finished & Work-in-progress, Management of Material returns from Site, Integrated with Inventory and Finance Modules.
In Point of Sales
  • Integration of OPOS / COM based POS
  • Integration to pole display, Cash-Drawer and Credit Card ,Partial Credit / Cash Invoice
  • Multi-Currency Invoicing, Manager Approval for Discounts / Returns End of Session Reporting Posting to GL
In System Tools
  • Unlimited tags / Dimensions for capturing data
  • User Definable Work Flow Definition for process ,Multiple level Authorizations for all modules
  • Configure Documents 每 Add New document types 每 Add unlimited Extra fields in document type 每 Add calculation fields with user definable formulae 每 Creates custom views based on users for documents
  • Create user definable Print Layouts, Customize standard reports
  • Reports Designer to build own library of Reports, Export all reports to PDF / EXCEL / SDF, Integration to MS Outlook for email Integration, Integration to Mobile Devices
  • Application programming interface to Develop third party modules
  • Define triggers based on activities to invoke Popups / process Reports
In Business Intelligence
  • User definable desktop to add Info / Gauges / Reports / graphs
  • Graphical interface to all reports, Analyze all report data based on pivots views ( Drag and Drop)
  • Define Key point indicators with user definable coloring
  • Scheme and icon indicators, Refine reports to filter, Link Zoom to different reports.
In Supply Chain Management
User defined procurement flow
  • Define Workflow from Requisition to Purchase order
  • Processing to Material Receipt & Supplier invoice, Supplier Quotation comparative Analysis
  • Tracking Shipment Notifications. Management of Advance payments to suppliers, Procurement and Inventory Module Integration, Procurement and Financial Module Integration
  • Multi-Level Approvals to PO, Material Return & Rejection/Replacement Management
  • Consignment Purchases and Supplier Billing, Vendor Limit Check and Supplier Rating
  • LC and Overdraft Management.
User Defined Sales Flow
  • Define Workflow from sales enquiry to quotations to order to Shipment Advise to delivery Order & invoice, Sales Order validation.
  • Delinquency Management to prioritized deliveries
  • Managing Consignment Sales, Integration with Inventory and Financial Modules. Multi-currency and Multi location support.